Here, you can find my list of publications:

To BLISS-B or not to be – Attacking strongSwan’s Implementation of Post-Quantum Signatures [IACR ePrint]
Peter Pessl, Leon Groot Bruinderink and Yuval Yarom

Quantum preimage, 2nd-preimage, and collision resistance of SHA3 [IACR ePrint]
Jan Czajkowski, Leon Groot Bruinderink, Andreas Hülsing and Christian Schaffner

“Oops, I did it again” – Security of One-Time Signatures under Two-Message Attacks [IACR ePrint]
Leon Groot Bruinderink and Andreas Hülsing

Flush, Gauss, and Reload – A Cache Attack on the BLISS Lattice-Based Signature Scheme [IACR ePrint]
Leon Groot Bruinderink, Andreas Hülsing, Tanja Lange and Yuval Yarom
CHES 2016

Towards Post-Quantum Bitcoin – Side-Channel Analysis of Bimodal Lattice Signatures [Thesis]
Leon Groot Bruinderink
Master’s Thesis, January 2016